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ROC Services are tailored to foster excellence throughout your company, to make a positive impact and create value.
Below are some illustrations of what is offered: we will build together the approach that suits your needs. 
in Growth management
  • Strategic brainstorming: where is your enterprise heading to next? What do you need to enable this vision?
  • Operating models: how organizations interact with one another?
  • Governance models: which decision is taken where, how and who contributes?
  • Scaling up: how to evolve your organization and where to invest to cope with a higher workload?
  • Interim management roles: best support your organization as a leader, until you find the senior manager you need
  • Digital transformation: evolve your people/process/tools suite to underpin growth
in Portfolio management
  • Portfolio analytics: What are you spending where? What for? Where are the pain points?
  • Portfolio strategy: Where do you want to invest, short term and in the next 3 years?
  • Portfolio Prioritization: how to choose which project to do?
  • End to end governance: who should be involved with decision making? with the project lifecycle? And where/when should these decisions be make?
  • Delivery management: how do you oversight that projects are delivering?
  • Value realization: what impact are your projects making? How aligned is it with the initial plan (on time, on value, on cost)?
in Digital Business transformation
  • End to end program management
  • Digital product management - including minimum viable product
  • Stakeholder management
  • Partnership management (internal and external)
  • Change management
  • Impact management
in Supply Chain 
  • End to end supply chain: what are your pain points? where are the arbitration points and what metrics & governance to support decision making? what KPIs to oversight costs, speed and customer service? 
  • Procurement analytics: where are the savings and spends? Where to focus? What for?
  • Effectiveness in Procurement: What do you want to achieve? How to align on savings calculations? How to best partner with the business, to entail maximum value?
  • Logistics analytics: what does your footprint looks like? What does your cost structure looks like? Where are the pain points?
  • Logistics strategy: what does your footprint should look like (warehouses, different types of inventories, shipments)? What changes to make to optimize it?
in Company Culture

in partnership with The Puzzle
  • How to handle conflicts better?
  • How to get people to talk, to address rather than avoid the elephant in the room? How to foster a "fixing" mindset?
  • How to get your organization to move, and break the status quo?
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