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Non-exhaustive list of projects & customers

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My customers

My value add

Turning your vision into an unstoppable execution engine


Enterprise Portfolio - Pharma Industry

Online Medical Consultant


  1. Create visibility on all the transformation programs across the globe

  2. Analyze: consistency of the total investments with the corporate strategy? are these projects doable at scale?

  3. Course correct: align the transformation portfolio with the group strategy

MY ROLE:​ Program lead (team size: 35)


  • End to end visibility created on –1B$ investments, 400 projects

  • Digital POV and product designed and deployed to support the portfolio management process and analytics

  • Awareness at all levels of the organization (from project managers to CEO and Executive Committee) that the existing portfolio is not doable 

  • Design proposal for a prioritization process around (1) which programs to keep and (2) implementation + value management


Enterprise Portfolio - Telecom Industry

Office Meeting


  1. Design, alignment and implementation a new governance for all transformation projects (portfolio, investment and gating)

  2. Operating decision making and oversight of projects execution, at scale

MY ROLE:​ Program lead (team size: 55)


  • Governance of 400+ projects/year for an average budget of 100ME   

  • Over 4000 people onboarded (internal and external resources)

  • Digital product management - design, roll out and continuous improvement

  • Alignment of 14 organizations around one single new Operating Model, to enhance project execution capabilities


End to End operating model - IT & Transformation
Telecom industry


Design a new Business & IT Transformation organization to allow each department to be efficient on its own, while ensuring collaboration where relevant

MY ROLE:​ Senior Consultant


  • Implementation of a new operating model to decide and deploy 400+ transformation projects, all the way up to the Executive Committee 

  • By design, greater cross-team collaboration - resulting in greater dialogue throughout the project delivery life-cycle, and +40% delivery rate of projects (on time, on scope, on budget, on value)

  • End to end KPIs designed and implemented, to measure project delivery efficiency from idea generation to vale realized


Procurement & Vendor Management - Telecom industry

Shaking Hands


  • Formalize different templates of contracts with the legal team, to guide the procurement team through efficient services negotiations

  • Design and implementation of a handover point between Procurement, vendor management and business organizations

MY ROLE:​ Senior Consultant


  • 3to 5% increased savings on the negotiations of service contracts 

  • Fewer litigation in case of issues during service delivery, due to better contact coverage for these situations

  • Increased knowledge of the contract, enabling to maximize its value as all the clauses negotiated were enforced


Prioritization & Governance - Pharma industry



  • New operating model to reinvent team interactions and remain efficient, as the company grows

  • Cost analysis and decision making models, to help decide whether to invest and what for

  • End to end decision making, enabling to create transparency around choices made and how they contribute to either to the company growth or sustainability

MY ROLE:​ Team lead (team size: 3)


  • Greater clarity around the objectives and why we are doing them

  • Removed tensions throughout the organization, and remobilization of the teams around a common project

  • Restored dialogue throughout the organization, to ensure "it is doable" and workload, budget and resources matches the ambitions


Growth Management - Healthcare industry



  • Create and operate a framework to connect the strategy with the target customers and the actions the teams drive

  • Enhance team efficiency, introducing new ways of working as the organization grows

  • Support process automation in various areas - such as onboarding new members or social media communications

MY ROLE:​ Senior Consultant


  • Greater transparency to mobilize and organize the teams around new ways of working

  • Greater efficiency through process automation


Centralization & Transformation of Logistics - Telecom industry

Container Yard


  • New strategy and operating model to best the group distribution model and profitability (from factories to last point of delivery, including transport and inventories optimization)

  • Turn logistics into a competitive advantage (speed, product availability and costs)

MY ROLE:​ Head of Logistics (team size: 50)


  • Reduction of the logistics costs by 2% (in % of sales)

  • From a decentralized to a global logistics function: upskill of the teams and creation of the Group Control Tower

  • Design and implementation of a new logistics network (storage points, distribution strategy, partnerships, transport arbitrage, inventory optimization)

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